Product arrangement

The ILCO product porrtfolio offers:

Esters will guide you to our own ILCO Lube products.

The range Emulsifiers covers ILCO Lube EM products.

The Plurasafe/Breox® product range-fully formulated products- you will find underneath the point Polyalkylenglycols. The Base oils are developed and produced and in Germany

The group Surfactants is cut into two areas:
our own alkyl phosphates (ILCO PHOS) and products for the
cosmetic industry (ILCO COS).

The scope Amines shows you the product range of ILCO MIN.

All Syn-O-Ad™ -products of ICL-IP are arranged among Phosphoric Acid Esters.

Fatty acid chlorides are intermediates i.e. for the production of surfactants and pharmaceutical products.

Ionic Liquids are liquid salts. These salts are used in different application amongst others in lubricants.

CLP Overview will be available: download(Overview CLP.pdf

Product Groups