Product and brand protection of lubricants

06.07.2009 · ILCO develops new UV-A Marker

Protect yourselves and your products of imitators, unauthorized complaints, product mistakes and leakages.

The new developed marker, only visible in the UV-light permit a perfect product identification. There are different systems available, one shows the detection directly in the UV light another only after addition of a second material.

Appearance at UV-A light of a polyalkylengycole, left-side unmarked.

Advantages of security markers:
  • good solubility in base-oils (PAO, mineral oil, esters and PAG)
  • easy to make marker stock-solution
  • no interaction with the back fluorescent of the oil
  • thermo stability
  • no precipitate formation in the product
  • easy detection by quick test

  • Further application:
  • leakage detection (e.g. automotive air condition)

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