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02.03.2009 · ILCO and BASF develop new lubricants

ILCO Chemie GmbH and BASF have been working on new lubricant applications since March 2008. Conventional lubricants evaporate after a while, and this causes wear.

By comparison, ionic liquids from BASF offer crucial advantages. They can be used at temperatures as high as 200 °C or more, they do not evaporate, and they remain stable. ILCO has consequently joined forces with BASF to develop new lubricant formulations based on ionic liquids.
?Being a small company we were amazed to see how fast and hassle-free the flow of information is between BASF and ourselves,? said Dr. Corvin Volkholz, general manager at ILCO.
The cooperation is beginning to bear fruit: ?First tests have shown the ionic liquids to have very interesting physical properties and promising lubricating characteristics. As a result, we will soon be able to submit our first lubricant formulations to application tests using original equipment components,? said Dr. Laszlo Szarvas, ionic liquid expert with BASF.

Source: BASF SE, Newsletter Interchange, Dezember 2008